New chairs 2013

Danish classic

SE-exhibition 2013

I was guest designer in the classic Danish furniture design project/exhibition.

The theme for 2013 was storage furniture.

I worked with a simple silhouette and a wild surface. It looks very simple but when you come close and touch the surface it is very alive.

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New chairs 2013


Candle holder

I wanted to produce something myself and made this candle holder, it is a family of three heights.

I call my brand Loke & Finn after my boys.

I am looking for retailers and agents.
New chairs 2013

Milano show

Joint exhibition
in Ventura Lambrate

I showed two chair concepts/ideas, the flat pack Gorm and these with round back, work name Sexy Back ;)

Joint exhibit with a group from my home town Malmö. We also exhibited in Malmö at Form Design Center.
The Secret Clubhouse

Cappellini chair

Epic piece for Cappellini

2010 in Milan it was a prototype, from early 2011 the Secret Clubhouse is part of the collezione!

It is so nice, it is really comfy and the touch and fragrant of the pine wood is wonderful!

Check it out at Cappellini Me on cappellini web tv
The Secret Clubhouse

Let Them eat cake

Stockholm Furniture Fair

I show my project Let Them Eat Cake in the Green House in Stockholm Furniture Fair.

It was prototypes made by me but they turned out quite nice.

I showed two colors of the chair and two sizes of tables.

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The Secret Clubhouse

Front page!

The Secret Clubhouse got the front page of Italian Elle February!

The piece was launched at the Collogne Design Show.

This was the trend edition witch makes it even more cool!

Elle Italia
The Secret Clubhouse

Solo show

Designer of the month

Form Design Center in Malmö invited me to show some of my current ideas and projects.

Take a look at the pieces
The Secret Clubhouse

Another clubhouse

March 2011

For the exhibition at Form Design Center I made a copy of the Secret Clubhouse prototype.

During the build I made a time laps video.

Watch me build it on youtube
The Secret Clubhouse

Furniture Fair

February 2011

Landet exhibit in the Green House, the area for up and coming designers.

As part of Landet I showed a trestle table and bench and a stool.

Trestle´n boards Tip toe stoolLandet press page
Sofa chair perspective furniture design maav

Have some cake!

Spring 2010

Let Them Eat Cake! Togheter with my work on The Secret Clubhouse won me the Award Region Skånes Designpris.

I will just give you a taste of the goodies because it's still baking.

Under the icing is an well worked out construction with cool materials and techniques.

Maybe I had to much sugar.

The Secret Clubhouse

Join the club!

April 2010

Cappellini and Martin is developing The Secret Clubhouse for Cappellini Collection.

This is the prototype exibited at Milano Design Village 2010.

Cappellini My profile at Cappellini See my interview… boom!
Sofa chair perspective furniture design maav

Region Skånes Designstipendie

Fall 2010

I have been granted Region Skånes design price for creative work on The Secret Clubhouse and Let Them Eat Cake.

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A kindergarden with focus on the childrens imagination. To inspire them to develop it and their motor skills.


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Ovanlig means unusual vase!

Vase I made during my trainee period at Ikea design department.

A fun thing that will make you smile.

Unusual? Well it's fun, first you see nothing then you go ahhh...


Martin Vallin

That's me!

Master in furniture and spacial design from Denmark Design School.

I like to make furniture, products, indoor and outdoor spaces and micro architecture and planing.

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